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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says she cries at work

In a bit of a misleading headline in the news today, it was revealed that Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sherly Sandberg sheds a few tears here or there while at work for Facebook.

To some, Facebook login is all fun and games. But to Sheryl, it’s a serious job that sometimes requires venting. “I think we are all of us emotional beings and it’s okay for us to share that emotion at work,” she says.

I understand where she’s coming from as a COO for a large company like Facebook. I’m sure the stress is too much to handle. However, I don’t recommend that people start balling at work now either…

Neither does Sheryl, it seems. “I am not recommending that if anyone wants to get promoted, then go out and cry,” she adds. Bottom line: If you have to cry at work then do it, otherwise wait til you’re off the clock.

Despite getting emotional at work sometimes, Sheryl says that she’s even cried on the supportive shoulder of Mark Zuckerberg before. Way to be there for your Facebook team, Zuck!

21 May 2013 at 09:30 - facebook com login
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Facebook to reveal new Android smartphone on Thursday

Have you wondered how long it would take before Mark Zuckerberg made a smartphone with Facebook login and tons of Facebook features? Well, alas the time has come apparently. Tech insiders in the “know” expect Facebook to reveal their heavily customized Android smartphone. The phone is supposedly jam-packed with easy access to popular Facebook-specific features.

In terms of phones, nobody has come close to the desire and trend of people wanting the iPhone from Apple. While Android smartphones have come on the scene one-by-one and some have made a small splash, it is believed that the “Facebook phone” will offer unique features that would appeal to heavy Facebook users. Luckily for Mark Zuckerberg and Faceook, that’s the majority of the world now…

It will be interesting to see if Facebook will sign an exclusive carrier deal at the beginning like Apple did with Verizon Wireless. My guess is that it will be available for all carriers to avoid a barrier of entry for new Facebook phone owners and users. Facebook is following in the footsteps of Google to try and get a piece of the mobile cell phone market. I wonder how it will work out for them. What do you think?

4 April 2013 at 09:22 - facebook com login
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If Facebook Were Invented in the 90s

Have you ever wondered what Facebook login would have been like if Facebook were invented in the 1990′s? No rounded corners. No Google. Netscape navigator. Crazy.

If you haven’t thought about what Facebook would be like if someone had beat Mark Zuckerberg to the idea in the 90′s, then you have to watch this hilarious Youtube video.

12 March 2013 at 06:29 - facebook com login
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Google Glass being praised and anticipated but raising concerns over privacy

As soon as any technology is made available to the masses it is judged, and the pros and cons begin their long and repetitive parade. The pattern is almost always the same. Early adopters praise the technology for its convenience and new functions on the other side the detractors claim that the new technology has huge and dangerous capabilities that we are not aware of yet. The two sides then rinse and repeat their arguments for each new technology until one comes along that breaks the mold. Enter Google Glass……

Because I have seen the patent online I know that Apple is also planning to make tech eye wear so we better get used to the idea. Google glass is the first real human attempt at non-obstructively altering and digitizing our eyesight with new technology. The Glass will have a camera that allows it to recognize, sort, and provide data for all that it sees. Zealous fans have begun their product worship already planning on purchasing the item as soon as it is made available for whatever price Google decides to charge. They will use the products to film and share all sorts of memories and activities as well as have a visual data additive for walking around. It remains to be seen just how useful this first version of Glass will be but the possible privacy issues are already coming into view. Also, people are obviously concerned about advertising. (You absolutely must watch this youtube video about these glasses)

Already people are wary when they see another person holding up a camera or phone with a recording device, “why are you recording?” is a very common question these days. With Google glass the person wearing them may be recording you at any time or they may not, who knows? Google may install a blinking light or some other function that will allow those being filmed to know that they are being filmed, that could easily be changed or modified. Imagine having a guest over to your home, they are wearing Glass, could they be recording the inside of your home without your knowledge or consent. Someone on the bus looking over your shoulder at a text you are writing, don’t get worried but I could list these hazardous scenarios all day.

Clearly there must be some rules established in this new space of visual life recording and augmentation. People will feel safe and comfortable with their privacy when real boundaries are set for these devices in the public sphere. The history and the future of Google Glass is sill unwritten of course. The best way to move forward with this and each new technology is to discuss it’s impact logically before it actually impacts anything. Hopefully in the next few months we as American’s can set some rules willingly before we are forced to. Imagine if somebody was watching and recording you right now. Watching you Facebook login and recording your every keystroke. Scary!

1 March 2013 at 14:17 - facebook com login
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Facebook makes power move, buying Microsoft’s Atlas advertising platform

Just a few minutes ago Facebook announced that it has agreed to follow through on a long time rumor and purchase Atlas, Microsoft’s advertising platform. Details of the deal are currently undisclosed at the moment but the impact is more apparent. Atlas helps online advertisers buy and manage ads, that technology coupled with Facebook’s treasure chest of personal data makes for an explosive match.

In 2007, Atlas was part of a bigger deal for Microsoft buying the company aQauative for around $6 billion. Atlas will give Facebook a much longer or deeper reach. They will be able to push ads on any 3rd party site with all of their user’s data to help them make money. Any website that has a Facebook login option or a Facebook page already has a ton of data stored about it. Now Mark Zuckerberg must figure out how to use all the info to put the most profitable ads possible all over every page of the internet. If the company is even slightly successful in this field it will almost certainly have an immediate billion dollar revenue stream on hand and could easily rival Google as the top advertiser on the planet. Just imagine Facebook’s advertising arm being used as a main client for individuals or companies advertising on Twitter or Google search. If the results are better than their rivals they will be able to charge more as well.

Sure, Wall Street analysts will haggle over the details of the deal when they are released but as long as they didn’t pay triple market value for this purchase it is a great deal. Leveraging the power of personal data is the biggest asset that Facebook has and Atlas will surely help them leverage. Just how good the technology is and how expensive remains to be seen. Most likely this deal is the best possible deal Facebook could make right now.

28 February 2013 at 23:42 - facebook com login